Hanif Kassim

I’ve been on blood pressure medication for some time and looking for a seasoning that does not affect my blood pressure. A friend referred me to Ms V’s seasoning and I’ve been using it for over 15 years. I use it on everything. In fact, I am a care giver for my mother-in-law who is on dialysis and keeping her sodium intake low was a challenge before using Ms V’s seasoning. It has become my one and only choice of seasoning; I also use it on fruit – I sprinkle a little on top of my apples, pears, and bananas. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thought.

Hanif KassimSuisun City, CA

I am using Virginia’s seasoning and I love it. I used it in everything even use it instead of salt. I used it in salad and my adult girls loved it in their popcorn, potatoes and veggies. One is vegetarian and one is vegan. They both want a bottle because they use it a lot. When my girls were here, I used it in a vegan casserole. I use it all the time in everything. Thank you Virginia for a great product.

LilyStockton, CA

I use Ms V’s Spice is Nice in everything that I cook. I use it on my eggs in the morning instead of salt. I use it on my salads, in my casseroles, on pork, chicken, and beef. People love my macaroni salads and I switched from using Lowry season salt to Ms V’s Spice is Nice and people have asked me what I changed. They like it better since it’s not as salty and it gives it a different flavor.

My son is one who puts salt on everything and his girlfriend started using the bottle of Ms V’s Spice is Nice and limiting the intake of salt in his diet and we have noticed that he has stopped putting salt on everything he eats. The salt shaker was taken from the table to the cupboard. That was a big step in the right direction for him.


I have used the spice to marinade chicken, lamb and striped bass and I love it! I can taste each ingredient. I especially love the paprika. I baked the chicken thighs and once it’s cooked I turn to broil for about 10-15 minutes and eat. The lamb meat was grilled on a grill and it was delicious and juicy as can be. The striped bass was broiled inside a foil and it turned out great.

I love the spices most on the lamb meat because it doesn’t over power the fresh gaming taste. Lamb and beef has its natural taste and no need to salt. I am going to use the spice on beef and grill it. I added NO salt to these dishes. I love it and bought two bottles already and looking to buy more. Price is great as well.

MaySacramento, CA

It’s unusual, but rather good. I used it as a rub on ribs and it worked great. Gave it a very unique taste. By the way, I used your product on broiled chicken that was then cut into a green-leaf lettuce salad with green onions and tomatoes along with a bit of zesty sprouts. No salt and it was great.

DennisSacramento, CA

I primarily use it when I cook eggs, chicken, and steaks. In the past, I did sprinkle a tiny bit over brown rice a couple of times in order to make it a little more interesting.

SarkisRoseville, CA

I am enjoying the new taste of my seasoning!!!! I have tried it on cabbage, red and white onions, garlic sautéed in olive oil!!!! Tried it also with split peas, carrots, red & white onions made as a soup in a crock pot …….so good……. Thank you Ms V Seasoning.

ErickaSacramento, CA
Eddie Collins

I love it! You don’t have to use anything else. I have tried it on various meats and recently used just Ms V’s seasoning when I prepared chicken cacciatore from scratch; my wife asked me what seasoning did I use and I told her it was Ms V’s.

Eddie Collins
Joan A

What I am about to share from this customer came to be by way of an emergency call to order a bottle of spices because the website would not take her email. When I called her back, she let me know that this would be her third order, but she needed for her string beans for Thanksgiving. When I received the check, she had a post it on it saying, “Thank you so very much Virginia for making our Thanksgiving green beans so special. Joan” had a happy face drawn on it.

Joan ANatomas, CA

I’ve used to season vegetables, for example when I cook black-eyed peas and lima beans together. Also for seasoning baked chicken. I’m sure I have used it on other things that don’t come to mind right now. I like it. The flavor is quite good.

CalvinOakland, CA

The flavor is incredible! Even though I still add salt, at least I can control it. I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

SandraElk Grove, CA
Pat S

I met you at the Black Expo this year and bought your spices for a friend who needs to cut back on salt – and he loved it, thank you!

I have another friend who is an incredible soul food cook but has had many serious health issues in the last few years, so I’m thinking your spices would be perfect for her too, if she can still eat spicy foods.

Pat SSacramento, CA
Beatrice B

I met you at the Farmer’s Market at St. Paul and purchased a sample of your spices. I prepared salmon for my sister and she loved the spices.

Beatrice BCitrus Heights, CA
Robin S

I got the seasoning from you at the picnic in Fairfield and gave one to my brother and subsequently to my ex-husband who does not eat salt. I was using one for my own use until I gave it away now I miss it and everyone is asking for more. I was thinking of getting your number from Jeffrey but then just decided to order online. My brother is out of it and wanted me to get more. Everyone loves it. You are correct in that it takes on its own flavor depending on what you put it on. My brother likes it on his eggs, I like it on any meat or potatoes, and my ex just likes it period. he says “you really got something going.”

Robin SOakland, CA
Carla Preyer

OMG! I just used your seasoning on my steak and it came out perfect. This is now my seasoning of choice!

Carla Preyer

I use Ms V’s on my breakfast potatoes, chicken, eggs and just about everything else. It’s great and takes on a taste of its own flavor.

Love it!

Joan A

We first heard about it thru I believe N magazine or the Natomas club magazine. This will be our 2nd bottle. We love it!

Joan ANatomas, CA

Ms V’s sodium-free Spice product is nothing short of amazing! I have used it on eggs, Toast, and various meats with success. It especially combined well with olive oil for a simple covering for grilled chicken. My 4 year old daughter loves it, and this is a kid that calls everything “too Spicy!” This is a great product for someone that is watching their diet and health concerning sodium, in that it gives a blast of flavor without the unhealthy side-effects of sodium enhanced flavorings. It’s become one of my favorite additions to any meal!

Lyle Giles

I have used spice is nice seasoning on my turkey meat, fish and eggs, salad. I love it so much that even my daughter is getting used to it.

Lyle Giles
Tom R

When my doctor advised me to cut back on my salt in order to help lower my blood pressure, I could not imagine enjoying my food without salt…that is, until I tried Ms. V’s Spice is Nice. Now I use it regularly in place of salt, and everything tastes great. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthier.

Tom R