Savory Flavor

I tried the spices (Ms V’s Spice is Nice) and I must say that it’s great. It adds a nice savory flavor to the stuff I made.

Stefhan L.

Washington State

Savory Flavor
Mark Seymour, Sacramento, CA

My daughter made some potato salad the other night and said, “Dad, I used some of Ms V’s Spices.” I tasted it and it took our family recipe to another level. Great depth of flavor ! Great product you need to get some for your pantry!

Mark Seymour, Sacramento, CA
D. Sauvage, Elk Grove, CA

I love the fact that is sodium free and has a little kick of spice in it. I would recommend it to use.

D. Sauvage, Elk Grove, CA
LaTanya, Lancaster, CA

Spice Is Nice is the BEST! I literally use it on everything. The flavor is wonderful and the aroma while cooking makes your mouth water. I just ordered 3 more containers. I’m blessing my dad, who cannot use salt, with his own bottle.

Thanks for a great product.


LaTanya, Lancaster, CA
Daisy Peters

I made some collard greens with Ms V’s Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning, and I tell you … it was simply delicious.

Daisy, Sacramento, CA

Daisy Peters
L. Blake Allen, Lancaster, CA

Received your order a couple of days ago and it is absolutely delicious. I am on a quest to reduce my sodium, as well as making healthy choices.  I first used the spices on a plain baked potato…yummy.  Today, I cut open an avocado and sprinkled away – can you say divine??? I’m going to share this treasure with my church members. God bless and flourish your endeavors.

L. Blake Allen, Lancaster, CA
J Wayne Scherffius

As a heart attack survivor with multiple stents I am always on the hunt for delicious, nutritious foods which are low in sodium and cholesterol. I ordered Ms Vs Spice is Nice Sodium Free Blend to try in my food preparation. What a great find!! I have been using this product on everything – eggs, chicken, fish and even experimented with it in a dip recipe that I developed myself for some fun low sodium snacking.

I am telling everyone about this spice blend. In fact my mom is also enjoying this spice blend as well since I have been preparing her meals with it. Thanks so much Virginia for sharing your spice blend with the world. I wish you great success with this healthy product.

J Wayne ScherffiusOwnerJWS PromotionsCarmichael, CA
May Chan

My husband uses the One Step Seasoning on his lamb when he grills and broils. It is delicious and the meat comes out tender. He also uses the seasoning on eggs, chicken, and beef. When he uses the seasoning, he doesn’t use salt or any other spices. My little family loves Ms. V’s Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning!

May ChanSacramento, CA
Khani G

Hey Virginia- Here’s my testimonial:  I love Ms V’s Spice.  I add it to everything, salads, potatoes, veggies, omelets and meats.    I even added Ms V’s to my green smoothie because I like a little heat – Yum Yum. The mixture of spices adds a boost of flavor without the salt.  I bought four bottles of Ms V’s for my friends- They love it too! Thank you Ms V

Khani GModesto, CA
J Quitoriano

My father and mother in law tried it last night and it taste good without salt. They asked me, are u sure? I told them that’s what my new coworker told me and I believe her. I tried it on boiled eggs and pork chops. I did use it and I’m impressed. Probably introduce to everyone this Sunday afternoon during family get together at my place.

J Quitoriano
G. Flemmings

I am a vegetarian; I used the seasoning in my cauliflower soup and I just loved the flavor.

G. FlemmingsSacramento, CA
R. Swift

Used as a marinade on a pork roast – just delicious!

R. SwiftNatomas, CA
K. Kurasaki

Ms V’s Spice is Nice One Step Sodium-free Seasoning. A healthy and tasty way to spice up your kitchen! My co-worker’s very own blend of seasonings that are great with everything. My daughters love it on avocado, chicken, corn on the cob, eggs, potatoes, and popcorn!

K. KurasakiSacramento, CA
Mary C

Thank so much for your prompt service. I really like the spice. I tried it in my Italian meat balls yesterday and it worked out fine.


Mary CPlacerville, CA

Yes, we have received our order and I have used it in several dishes with great results. I just made a wonderful minestrone when I received the spices, it really added an extra flavor that was very appealing. Thank you so much for creating such a useful product.

MargaretNatomas, CA

I tried it on chicken, potatoes, and eggs. I enjoyed it. I think my son put too much on the vegetable, it was a bit much. I am going to try again. I really like it. I have given out all the samples.

CarolynNatomas, CA

I have used your Ms V’s Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning on a variety of recipes that I have from my roasted chicken with mango glaze to my goat cheese stuffed chicken breast with broiled peaches – it gave the meal a much more delicious flavor. Thank you for your gift to cooks.

PerryBaltimore, MD

I started eating more fruit and vegetables when I was looking for a way to give zest to my vegetables since I was trying to live a more healthy life, when I discovered Ms V’s Spice is Nice Once Step Seasoning.   So I added it to my cauliflower and fresh garlic and it popped. Why not add it to my omelets or my spaghetti sauce, so I did. I had my husband add it to his ribs and roast, and it worked. Nearly 15 years later, we still use it for everything. Whatever I put Ms V’s Spice is Nice on, it comes alive! Looking for a salt substitute? Try Ms V’s Spice, It’s nice!

KathleenSan Francisco, CA
Hanif Kassim

I’ve been on blood pressure medication for some time and looking for a seasoning that does not affect my blood pressure. A friend referred me to Ms V’s seasoning and I’ve been using it for over 15 years. I use it on everything. In fact, I am a care giver for my mother-in-law who is on dialysis and keeping her sodium intake low was a challenge before using Ms V’s seasoning. It has become my one and only choice of seasoning; I also use it on fruit – I sprinkle a little on top of my apples, pears, and bananas. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thought.

Hanif KassimSuisun City, CA

I am using Virginia’s seasoning and I love it. I used it in everything even use it instead of salt. I used it in salad and my adult girls loved it in their popcorn, potatoes and veggies. One is vegetarian and one is vegan. They both want a bottle because they use it a lot. When my girls were here, I used it in a vegan casserole. I use it all the time in everything. Thank you Virginia for a great product.

LilyStockton, CA