The Story Behind Ms V's Spice is NiceTM Sodium Free One Step Seasoning

What started as a homemade answer to a common health problem may be about to catch fire and take the spice world by storm. Ms V's Spice is NiceTM Sodium Free One Step Seasoning began in the kitchen of Virginia Carter in 1992, when she was concerned about water retention and wanted to cut back on sodium.

With two children at home and a full-time job, Virginia didn't really feel like a cook but did like to tinker with spices. She combined spices to create one seasoning that would work on everything. Virginia used her kids as testers. Removing salt from a teenager's taste buds was a major challenge. Likewise, her husband was a salt fanatic who dealt with blood pressure issues. He now only uses Ms V's sodium free seasoning.

When Virginia's children were going away to college, where they would have to cook for themselves, she put her spices in plastic bags for them to take along. She had some spice blend left over, so she contacted friends and gave them sandwich bags of the spice blend.
"It was a few years until I realized that they kept calling me to ask for more! In 1997 I decided to bottle it up and sell it." Word of mouth kept sales building.
Virginia worked with a nutrition label company, which tested her blend to ensure it had no sodium. She was catching a wave of public interest in a flavorful, all-purpose salt replacement. "I stepped outside my comfort zone with high tech," she says, and put her spice blend up on the web. The testimonials and the orders started coming in. She has received inquiries from a major corporation and has a patent on her formula.

Ms V's fans say the taste of her blend adapts to the foods it's paired with, from eggs to popcorn, meats to vegetables. "It has a nice little bite naturally, but it's not spicy," she says. Virginia is still thrilled when her customers rave about her spices. "At my doctor's office, a lady, a total stranger, was so excited that it picks up its own flavor with different foods, she brought in a chicken dish prepared with Ms V's for everyone to taste!"

Find out for yourself the incredible and intriguing flavor of Ms V's Spice is NiceTM Sodium Free One Step Seasoning and take charge of your health. Order online today!!

"There is an alternative to salt and it is one step to good health"

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